TrueHeartWork | The Cycle of Responsibility and the Role of Saturn
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The Cycle of Responsibility and the Role of Saturn

by Dr Barry Devlin


In our TrueHeartWork with both individuals and couples, Ingrid and I make extensive use of astrology. So, first, what is astrology? Or to be more precise, what is our approach to astrology? As we use it, astrology provides an insight into the inner workings of the human psyche, in the broadest meaning of an overused word. An individual’s birth chart reveals a wealth of information about the “internal wiring” of that person at a range of levels from the conscious to the unconscious, and even to supra-conscious levels that might perhaps be called soul. Therefore, we see astrology as a tool to gain an understanding of how an individual mind works.

Second, the old question of predicting the future. In my opinion, predicting the future raises all sorts of questions about fate and free will that can’t easily be answered. For example, if I predict that you will be knocked down by a truck when crossing the road tomorrow, will you go out as normal then or stay in bed for the day? So, rather than speculate, I choose to believe that while some aspects of our lives may be fated in some way, they probably cannot be predicted, and if they could, we may be better off not knowing them; and for the rest, we have free will to operate to the full extent of what we believe is possible.


TrueHeartWork: The Astrological Foundation

Astrology starts with the birth chart (or horoscope), which is a map of the positions of all the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. This birth chart provides a map of the internal wiring of your psyche. However, no one is a prisoner of their internal wiring. You really can choose to use it in more ways and for more purposes that can be imagined. What you choose, though, has consequences. They range from short to long term and can lead to feeling fulfilled or despairing, on the right path or quite lost. Astrology provides a natural manual for your internal wiring, vastly increasing the range of choices available to you, helping to make choices that are more fulfilling if you so desire. It is thus a powerful aid to self development and personal growth—which is what TrueHeart Work is all about.

Your birth chart is therefore a key starting point in our consultations, but is really only a map of the possibilities for your life. You might compare it to the genetic DNA that maps your physical body. Your DNA may give you the potential to be over six foot six (two meters) tall, but if you were consistently malnourished as a child, you probably won’t grow anywhere near that. This is the old difference between nature and nurture. And even if you do grow so tall, you may choose to use that characteristic to become a champion basketball player or spend your life complaining about bumping your head in doorways and airplanes. So, the second key to a consultation is to understand how your environment and personal choices so far have influenced your expression of the possibilities in your birth chart.

Together, your birth chart and how you have lived it so far together form the foundation. You cannot change your past life any more than you can change your birth chart. And, the life you have lived so far—both the environment you grew up in and the choices you made—does have consequences that will continue to influence your future to some extent. But this is the foundation you have today, and it’s from here that you will build your future. Here is where personal development has to start.

So, that’s life, but where do its Cycles come in? Well, you may be disappointed to learn that the planets did not stop at the moment you were born! In fact, they continued in their eternal movement around the heavens in cycles from a month for the Moon to hundreds of years for the outer planets such as Neptune and Pluto.

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