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What is it all about?

We are all born with our True Heart. From the moment of conception and before, our True Heart existed, not yet made manifest. A heart that knew all it was destined to experience in this lifetime. All the joys and sorrows, the trials and the triumphs, the many and multifaceted lessons of a natural life.

A life well lived is a life lived to this Heart Truth. A life experienced to the full, connected to the universal spirit. Sadly, as we go through life, we often lose that connection, consciously or unconsciously limiting our experience to stories we hear and beliefs we pick up along the way. Some of us go for years on end without ever connecting in…

And yet, we all know moments when the magic happens, and we instantly know who we are, are at peace with ourselves. Moments of deep creativity, of intense passion, of real living surface in our lives before we sink back into the old story, the leaden belief.