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TrueHeartWork: What is it all about?


What is your True Heart?


We are all born with our True Heart. From the moment of conception and before, our True Heart existed, not yet made manifest. A heart that knew all it was destined to experience in this lifetime. All the joys and sorrows, the trials and the triumphs, the many and multifaceted lessons of a natural life.

A life well lived is a life lived to this Heart Truth. A life experienced to the full, connected to the universal spirit. Sadly, as we go through life, we often lose that connection, consciously or unconsciously limiting our experience to stories we hear and beliefs we pick up along the way. Some of us go for years on end without ever connecting in…

And yet, we all know moments when the magic happens, and we instantly know who we are, are at peace with ourselves. Moments of deep creativity, of intense passion, of real living surface in our lives before we sink back into the old story, the leaden belief.


Opening your True Heart

One of the most powerful moments of True Heart awakening most of us experience is when we fall in love. Suddenly, we see with new eyes. A reawakened clarity. We recognise the joy and the wonder; we can even see the sorrow and pain. And accept it for all it is.

Such moments of heart-opening are simply magic in motion.

Sometimes we take it too far, turning the love into an obsession. It’s so precious that we cannot bear the thought of losing it; and we cling too tightly, strangling the love out of it. We push ourselves or our lovers beyond the edge of reason and rhyme and the True Heart love is shattered into a thousand crystal shards; beyond reassembly. In this lifetime, at least.

And sometimes we simply lose our True Heart connection in the banality and mundane ordinariness of living together. We get caught up in the daily grind of making a living or raising the kids. Or, somehow, the discarded socks on the bedroom floor and the endless nagging to pick them up become the battleground we choose to live in. And the True Heart sinks in the muddy trenches of the Somme.

And yet, occasionally, a sunbeam strikes our lover’s face at that precise angle and we instantly recall how it felt, remember when the True Heart opened wide and wonder if or how we could ever recapture the way we were.


Why True Heart Work?

And with work—True Heart Work—we can recapture that feeling, reopen our hearts and rediscover who we truly are and how far we can go in love. True Heart Work means reaching deep inside ourselves to recover our lost souls, our wounded children. True Heart Work is discovering how to create a safe space with our lover where both of us can stand naked and grow strong. True Heart Work is the work of cutting open our protective armour so that each of us can become the therapist we were meant to be for the therapist we invited into our lives. For that was how we designed our lives before we came here; that is what we were destined to be and to do.