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Committed—Supermoon in Capricorn—July 3rd.

Committed—Supermoon in Capricorn—July 3rd.

We don’t reach the mountaintop from the mountaintop. We start at the bottom and climb up. Blood is involved—Cheryl Strayed.

A Supermoon rests her bright face close to the heart of the earth tonight. A strange pearly light illuminates the water line of a new awareness.

Thirteen days have passed since the midsummer solstice when the Sun moved into the waters of Cancer. Cancer draws us back to what nurtures and nourishes us deeply, to the soft comfort of home, intensifying our memories, colourwashing the past with a tincture of nostalgia. The moon in earthy Capricorn reminds us of necessary boundaries and the need to take practical action in family situations and in our business affairs. Capricorn (authority, institutions, Wise Elder, Father archetype) anchors us in earthy traditions, evokes patience, commitment and responsibility. Toni Morrison offers this reminder to use our authority wisely. She writes, “as you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.”

Here in the north, July blazes brightly. The light lingers till 11pm,  dazzling us with a surfeit of sweet-scented flowers, a profusion of green. Families descend onto blond beaches, beautiful youths congregate at music festivals and dance till dawn, lovers embody Love.Tuesday brings a surfeit of apple pie and stars and stripes as millions celebrate their own version of Independence Day in America.

In the silence of space, the planets reflect another facet of our human story. Upheavals yet to come, transformations yet to be fully understood. Pluto, dark god of the underworld circles Retrograde through the final degrees of Capricorn, squaring the Nodes of Destiny till September. Pluto draws out all that is hidden in the shadows, exposing all that is rotten in our communities and self-serving plutocracies. Pluto carries the secret of life, death and rebirth; the primordial forces of nature, the power struggles played out on the world stage, and in our own relationships.

In his new book, titled In Each Other’s Care, Stan Tatkin, provides a mountaineer’s guide to relating to each other in ways that break each other’s fall down a slope of misunderstanding. He describes how to work together and share power in what he calls a “two-person psychological unit.”

“People do a lot of bad things in the name of love…how do we work together as two separate people, two different brains and nervous systems, two different histories, two different moods at different times? Much of the time, we think we’re conscious. We think we’re making decisions. I can prove along with other scientists that most of what we’re doing every day is automated by memory. We’re not thinking. We’re operating through a primitive system of pattern recognition, which makes our life easier, but also causes us to go to war.”

Themes of love and war are enacted in the sky story now as Venus and Mars move through the firey sign of Leo. Fire symbolism is associated with the Jungian intuitive function, the way we create our future, how we see above and beyond the chaos, how we consecrate our bonds of attachment.

Venus the love goddess, glitters at sunset, shimmering at her brightest around July 7th. The Sumerians believed that the beautiful Innanna (re-named by the Romans as Venus)  learnt the art of lovemaking during her time in the shadows of the underworld. Venus vanishes from the night skies as she descends below the horizon in her Retrograde cycle, re-appearing as a spectacular morning star in September. Venus Retrograde times deliver gifts of hindsight, or personal descents into hell that up-end our lives. For forty days and forty nights, opportunities will alight that invite us to repair and rebuild a relationship, or see with new eyes those things we hold dear to our heart.

Venus escorts life’s pleasures and joys. Mars, war-god, activist, and two-year-old tantrum thrower, dances in the flames of proud Leo, indicating the potential for high drama as both planets form a square to volatile Uranus. This could catapult us into making a rash financial decision or bravely claim our heart’s desire.

Mercury fire-walks through Leo (July 11th-29th) signifying a new impetus in our creative focus, bringing a surfeit of news and information, before slowing right down, and turning Retrograde on August 23rd ahead of Uranus Retrograde on August 29th.

As we prepare to descend into the valleys and climb the mountains that are always ahead, this full moon in the sign of the Mer-Goat reminds us to be sure-footed and patient, to prepare well. This moon signifies a culmination of a cycle, a coming to light of something that might not have been clear. As we start at the bottom and begin our climb, “may there be kindess in your gaze when you look within.” John O’Donohue.


I have been writing this blog for 12 years now. Thank you all for all your love and support which has made the mountains ahead seem less daunting. A ChatBot could write far more quickly than I do, yet I commit to sharing with you all this human-created piece of astrological weather forecasting aligned with the lunar cycles at no charge. If you would like to get in touch for a personal astrology reading, I’d love to hear from you. Please pop me an email: ingrid@trueheartwork.com

I send this to you all with Love.


Ingrid Hoffman

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  • Sophie

    July 2, 2023at11:53 am Reply

    My entire body is tingling as I read every word. It shouts out everything I feel – know – see – observe and yet only you darling Ing have the gifted power of the written word to channel and interpret from the planets and skies the ways of this universe and the various realms, and explain this so eloquently to us so as mortals and spirits we can try and understand the obvious and subtle, the currents and undercurrents, the opposites, the contradictions. That we are part of a divinely orchestrated system that impacts us all.

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