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Miracles Happen

Miracles Happen

There comes a moment, and often many of them, in most relationships when one partner says to the other: “I feel no passion for you anymore; there’s no spark.”  Sometimes she adds: “And there never was!”  Often it’s said in anger, sometimes in despair.  But there’s no mistaking the soul-wrenching pain that lies beneath.  And beneath the pain…?

We tell ourselves deeply disempowering stories about passion, and falling in and out of love.  Scientists talk of neurotransmitters and pheromones, secreted and acted upon beyond our control.  Psychotherapists remind us of childhood wants and wounds that overwhelm us.  Even believers in “The Secret” hesitate, invoking the mysterious workings of the soul in this, the most vital of life’s callings.  Because, of course, very few of us indeed have never been either the pained sender or the unwilling recipient of this primal rejection.  And fewer still have been willing or able to recover a relationship when one of us has declared love dead.  Where are the miracles?

And yet, none of the mystics or visionaries has ever said “Faith can move mountains… except that one.”  Neville, for example, is quite clear: “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.”  (This was written in the late 1950s; woman was not being excluded.)  Neale Donald Walsch is equally unambiguous that thought is the sponsor of all creation.  So why do these miracles seem so seldom to happen?

Follow the pain trail.  Back to the very tip of its deepest tap root.  Can you recall that moment of tender or flaming passion when you said “I love you?”  And gently, ever so gently, can you touch the immediately following though, however fleeting?  Ah yes, there it is.  For so many of us it was “Does she love me back?”; “Does he love me less than I love him?”  And, on high alert, we find the evidence, however flimsy, to prove our case over days, months or years.  Slowly or rapidly, we count the wounds and the hurts.  Passion cannot long survive such enumeration.

And so, if you’ve lately said or heard the dreaded declaration, and you still believe in your relationship, your first task is to find the self-doubt, self-fear, self-hatred—whatever it may be—that caused you to believe you were not sufficiently loved.  For that single belief alone is powerful enough to derail any train of thought, however positive.

And then choose to believe that Miracles Happen.

The stream of passion and love
Flows both towards you and away
You alone decide which direction to look

Ingrid Hoffman

  • jeanne

    December 20, 2011at10:04 am Reply

    Whether a relationship survives or not, these precious words below honour the love that one felt for that very special person at the time … and embraces the love one is privileged to experience now … miracles do happen [heart]

    NAMASTE ! as defined by Mahatma Gandhi

    I honour the place within you, where,
    when you are in that place in you,
    and I am in that place in me,
    there is only one of us.

  • jeanne

    December 20, 2011at10:08 am Reply

    Please refer to my previous comment where it reads “miracles do happen” … i had inserted a “HEART” but unfortunately it posted as a question mark …


  • Barry

    December 20, 2011at11:34 am Reply

    Hi Jeanne, thank you for this beautiful quote from Ghandi.

    (And I fixed the heart / question mark).

  • Maria

    January 11, 2012at2:47 pm Reply

    I love this beautiful piece,it make sense,the word namaste and the meaning moves me,thnx alot Ingrid,due 2 tht miracle blog im in a better space,i just vowed not 2 count my hurt and pain of the pass,my childhood wound,thnx 4 existing u give me reason 2 go on

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