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The Wind of Change

The Wind of Change

We cannot ignore the wind of change that is blowing across the world right now.  We are living at a tipping point of turbulence and transformation that will test our spiritual mettle. Pluto and Uranus, harbingers of metamorphosis, square one another once more – as they did in the 1930s when our world was darkened by the impending devastation of a second world war. The counter culture and awakening of the 60s, set against the template of a conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, is fermenting. We cannot ignore the wind of change that demands that we all  commit to own roles as supporting actors on the stage of this collective drama. As the tempest rends the veil of illusion from our eyes and shakes us from our self-absorbed, self-serving Western mantra of ME, we will hear the fierce rattle at the windows of economies and governments. We will witness the annihilation of the tenuous structures in our own lives. These winds that shake the barley may blast us from the echo chamber of our minds, unstop our ears, open our hearts. As Einstein said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Now more than ever we require a new dimension to our consciousness, a new way of Being in a world where nothing is certain.

Most of us know that the external props in our lives are as flimsy as straws when the wild wind blows. The real battle is not outside ourselves, but within our own soul, and Guidance is there during times of trauma and times of calm, if only we will be still and listen. The Fear that blocks our path may in reality cloak our greed, our vanity, our laziness, our resistance to grow.  We may come to a point in our lives when we hunger for more than external insignia of  status or a flimsy sense of our own power. The savage grace of a devastating illness, a crisis of loss may be the hallowed moment of our own personal Truth. In the 1200s, an Islamic scholar, Jalal ad-Din Rumi spoke for an inner jihad, not a war against the infidel, but a struggle against the ego. Nothing and everything has changed.

To live authentically in this new world, we  will require grit and integrity and the spiritual strength to hold the tension of opposites. Acknowledging, not disowning, or allowing someone else to carry for us our neurosis, our vulnerability, our pettiness, our greatness. Holding the paradox that is our humanness, within a new framework. We cannot reach the soul through the intellect. Our quest is to dismantle the “I”. To enter, as the Spanish mystic, Teresa of Avila, who lived in the burning times of The Inquisition (1500s) said:  “let us remember that within us there is a palace of immense magnificence”. The soul is in us, it surrounds us.  Yet, one of the disadvantages in living in this modern age of “reason” is that intellect functions with logic, bottom-line analysis, research, spread sheets, strategy, right and wrongs. The intellect seeks solutions, wants results that are measurable.  And the soul’s subtle song cannot be heard in the babble of the mind – it speaks to us in parables, metaphor, dreams and fleeting impressions, that float  far from the constraints of cause and effect – beyond the borders of  “hard work”, outcome based goal setting. The soul does not dwell in the house of Fairness or Reason. It resides in the Mansion of Mystery. We are living in Mysterious times.  Jung said that the anima was the face of the soul. She was the Feminine, the vessel of Mystery, the antithesis of logic.  Many mysteries are beyond the limit of Reason. They cannot withstand the scrutiny of the curiosity or dissection.

So when we empty ourselves of who we are not, release the need to hide behind a bogus self, the Light pours in to the hollow chambers and infuses us with feminine creativity. When we dwell in the realm of soul ful ness, we are in our dharma, the natural order of things. We are being who we truly are, with no masks, no artifice. As we open our hearts, calm our minds, become more grounded,  more sensitive and sure of Who we are… we will dance like dervishes in the vortex of the wild wind. Celebrate as it howls at the doors and rattles the windows of our lives.

“The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change…”

Scorpions  – Wind Of Change

Artwork by Keith Burnett


Ingrid Hoffman

  • Lainey Ennis

    May 18, 2012at3:58 pm Reply

    Read winds of change with interest, thank you very pertinent. Sorry can’t keep up with all your other articles, but I am sure there is a book in there right now. Just compiling all these articles together would be enough!! XX

  • michel

    May 18, 2012at5:09 pm Reply

    thanks darling ingrid….as always so inspiring reading your articles….oh yes…i can certainly FEEL the winds of change….have become so much more sensitive to so many things….and the inner sense is intensifying and the tests of my spirituality are coming forward at such a rapid pace that at times i feel like i am LOSING IT!!!…but the cycles come and go and always pass….so thanks for the uplifting articles to help me realise i am not going crazy but am rather very much connected to what is going on universally!!!! much love to you at these challenging times….xxx

  • Dalene Peacock

    May 18, 2012at5:39 pm Reply

    I agree with Lainey’s comments in all aspects!

    Ingrid, I always love your choice of music which accompanies your articles. I always make a point of logging onto YouTube in the evenings to listen to the songs (no access here at work).

    Your choice of Scorpions for this piece of writing is very significant for me. The man whose bad behaviour pushed me onto the spiritual path which is right for me(free from intellect or reason) was a great fan of the Scorpions. As a result I have quite a few of their albums and their rock ballads in particular are quite exquisite.

    So it seems that Scorpions and Winds of Change are synonymous for me – and of course I’m also a Scorpio!

  • Sophie

    June 26, 2012at5:14 pm Reply

    So wise and wonderful and beautifully writtn..and such a precious reminder that the soul’s mystery is our honest path on this planet.

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